Dr. Anouk van der Weiden

Psychology Teacher



PhD – Utrecht University

Graduation date: January 2013

PhD thesis: cognitive processes underlying the experience of self-agency over behavior.

(supervisors: Prof. dr. Henk Aarts & Dr. Kirsten I. Ruys).


Master Social Psychology, cum laude (GPA = 4) – Utrecht University

Graduation date: July 2008

Master thesis: How gaze shifts affect object desirability.

(supervisor: Prof. dr. Henk Aarts).


Bachelor Social Psychology – Utrecht University

graduation date: July 2007

Minor: Methods and Statistics for the Social Sciences

Bachelor thesis: The influence of self-esteem and model attractiveness on product

evaluation (supervisor: Dr. Michael Häfner).

Courses, Workshops, and Qualifications 


Developing Intercultural Competences - Utrecht University

Intro to JASP & hypothesis evaluation using the Bayes Factor - Utrecht University


University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) - Utrecht University


Teaching in the International Classroom - Utrecht University

Acquiring knowledge and techniques to deal with and benefit from the international classroom.

Workshop Column Writing - Utrecht University & In Breedste Zin


Activating Audiences - Artesc (www.artesc.org)

Improving presentation and lecturing skills with tools used by actors, comedians,

and playwrights to mentally activate one’s audience.

The Art of Presenting Science - Artesc (www.artesc.org)

Improving presentation and lecturing skills with tools used by actors, comedians,

and playwrights to tell stories through performance.

fMRI course - Brain Science Tools (www.fmricourse.nl)

Hands-on experience with preprocessing and analyses of functional MRI and

restingstate connectivity in SPM, and knowledge of multi-voxel pattern analyses.


Basic Life Support with Defibrilator (BLS-D) - UMC Utrecht.

Basic course on legislation and organization for clinical researchers - UMC Utrecht.

Workshop 'The New Statistics', by Geoff Cummings, on effect sizes, confidence intervals and meta-analysis.

Internship at the care unit for affective and psychotic illness - UMC Utrecht.

2008 – 2012

Postgraduate courses at the Kurt Lewin Institute (e.g., “Neuroscience of Action and Emotion”, “Applying Psychophysiological Measures to Social Psychological Research”) and the Linschoten Institute (e.g., and “Managing People and Projects”, “Teaching for PhD students”).

Assistant Professor | Leiden University |  Psychology | Room 2.A29 | P.O. Box 9555 | 2300 RB | LEIDEN

E   contact@anoukvanderweiden.nl